Heartfelt Du’a!

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Today I saw happiness on the faces of the Palestinian kids. This temporary cease fire brought some relief to the children and youth in Gaza. They appeared to be happy and making the most of this time – without shootings and killings, bombings and bloodshed – when they were shown playing on the swings and football on T.V. They were either unaware of the fact that this is not a permanent end to their trials or they just chose to forget their tribulations and live those few moments at best. Knowing the strength of their nation, I would like to believe the latter.

While the media captured their smiles and laughter, I made a sincere du’a in my heart: “May this smile and freedom be permanent!” I pledged to myself: “I will never take my freedom or happiness for granted In Shaa Allah!” I whispered with full conviction and faith: “Alhamdulillah e Katheeran for the countless bounties and innumerable blessings that Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala has filled our lives with.”

May Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala make ease for these kids and their families. May they be able to enjoy their childhood, health & family -time just as our children do. May all their pain, agony, loss and unrest change into eternal happiness, freedom, gain and peace.


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