Happy Twenty Second- the apple of my eye – My Dearest Saad!

Fall-Nature-Background-PicturesEighteen years apart and counting Saadu! Mama can never comprehend the fact that how does she even breathe without you; but only by the Will of Allah!

What a handsome, young man you would be today, Masha’Allah! You’d laugh with me and shed tears with me, cherishing every memorable moment, holding my hand through difficulties, supporting me if I was ill, guiding me if I lost my way and picking me up when I’d fall! We would soon exchange roles and you would have been my guardian and me, your dependant! You would comfort Papa on losing a job or plan a vacation to give us a break, inspiring your brothers to be a better version of themselves and being the role model, they so miss not having in their lives! May be you would have finished university by now and may be – just may be – happily committed to being married with a beautiful soul-mate!

You were and will stay my best friend, Papa’s Simba and your brothers’ hero. Please pray to Allah that He makes ways for us to gain the citizenship of Jannah. Your parting provided us the Visa, but I want to make sure that we can reside with you, without any fear of expiration of our Visa. “Rabbibnili indaka baitan fil Jannah – Oh Allah, Make for me a Home near you in Paradise, Aameen.”

I can talk about you every day of my life and think about you every minute; however, I don’t want to act ungrateful for Allah’s numerous blessings that He has granted our family with, neither do I want to sound complaining. I am indeed blessed to have been tested with this unfillable, irreplaceable void that you have left in our lives and hearts and cannot thank Allah enough for granting us sabr and sanity through this trying test – Alhamdulillah!

And while you watch your brothers grow from above, know that your presence is missed every second of each passing day! We know that you are in the safest of all places and find solace in the fact that one day we will reunite with you Inshaa’Allah, my dearest Saad … until then, keep praying for us and stay happy.

I love you meri Jaan! Happy 22nd up there!

Sep 10, 2019

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