Awe Struck!

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Some incidents in life leave you awestruck and taken aback. One wonders what went wrong? One cannot comprehend the kind of behaviour one is faced with. One’s sincerity, empathy and dedication are all questioned. One’s relationships are scattered and there’s no way one can win back the lost trust or credibility.

At such moments remind yourself of the fact that the biggest Judge of all, is witnessing your intentions and actions. He cares for the purity of your intentions as much as He does for the genuinity of your actions. Yes, it is true that actions speak louder than words, but so is the fact that actions are judged by intentions. He knows very well, if and where you have gone wrong, & if and where you have been misunderstood!

So instead of wallowing in self-pity or feeling guilty about something that wasn’t your intention in the first place, concentrate on your real goal in life. Channelize your energies towards attaining the aim that you must, that is to earn the pleasure of Allah Subhanahuwa Ta’ala. You will incessantly fail this Dunya and this Dunya will continuously fail you. So do not keep false hopes or unrealistic expectations from the Creation. Focus on the Creator instead.

Take baby steps towards Him, knowing that He would run towards you out of His immense love for you, as He is Al Khaliq, your Creator. Serve His Deen knowing that He would surely reward you out of His generous mercy, because He is Ar Rahman, the Most Merciful. Change yourself for His sake and He will change your focus from this world to the Hereafter, because indeed He is Al Mudabbir, The Planner.

Have Faith. Neither the Master Planner could be wrong nor His Planning could go wrong for us. Indeed there is long-term khair (good) even in the short-term shar (evil) that we short-sighted humans foresee.

This lesson if learnt the difficult way, is not a bad deal at all! Lay your trust in His deal and He will rectify all your dealings with everyone in the future, Insha’Allah because indeed He is Al Malik, Our Master.

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