Ya Ummi

Small white flowers fresh Wallpapers HD 2560x1440

(Dedicated to my mother Mrs. Mariam Nagaria who we lost on 12 June 2014)

Beauty and grace personified

Embodiment of tolerance,

Through my Ummi I saw lovely patience,

I thought she was full of elegance!


Diabetes and Breast Cancer,

Angina and Blood Pressure,

Yet bravely she fought,

Against all odds!


Arthritis in her back,

Her knees and hands,

My mother withstood all,

Nothing made her fall!


Nineteen years she spent

As my father’s widow,

She was my life’s shelter,

My prayers’ last door!


To Allah tonight I pray,

Plead He’ll make it easy,

Protect her and help her

In her final journey!


Inna llillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’oon,

May her grave be a place of ‘sukoon’,

May He lift away all her pains, please,

Give her a lit-up grave and eternal peace!


May He grant her peace along with my father –

Highest place in Jannah, from Allah SWT and dear!

Expansion of her grave, more than tolerable, may she have ease,

For her to answer when in front of Him, and may He be pleased!

This poem was first published at Young Muslimah Magazine.


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