While Gaza Cries …



Glimpses of the Internet these days
Shiver me too much and scare…
There are ruthless stories to tell,
And blood of the destitute everywhere!

These explicit videos and images,
That I can’t see, I wouldn’t even dare!
I wonder… “This atrocity,
How do our Palestinian brothers bear?”

Look! There’s a child screaming
In one corner of the destroyed land.
There’s no one to wipe his tears,
And no one to hold his hand!

The sight of that little girl,
Who has blood oozing out,
The wounded child stands still,
While people around her shout!

That brother lost his entire family –
One drone attack and it was over.
He lost both his parents and children,
He lost his wife and his brother!

That mother, who is left deprived,
Hysterically shouts in pain and agony,
Her sons killed and daughters, too!
No one can offer her consoling sympathy!

That father gives his child… one last kiss!
Holding his body, that is now in eternal bliss!
Allah O Akbar! They still keep saying…
“La Illa ha Illa Allah,” without hesitating!

That torn body of the elderly lady,
Her fate… she couldn’t flee!
Her husband couldn’t survive either,
Together in Jannah they hope to be!

No escape from bombs, nor from shooting,
Kidnapping, abduction, killing and looting!
Each visual has the same story,
“Oh Allah; please, on them have Mercy!”

Murder, mutilation and destruction!
No justification for their barbaric actions!
Generations have been killed by this genocide,
The world seems to give but NO reactions!

And while Gaza cries alone…
The super powers stand stunned
No support from the Arab leaders,
No support from ANYONE!

Muslims around the world are shock-struck
At Israel’s inhumane brutality,
They condemn and curse the Zalimoon!
“Oh Allah, listen to their pleas!”

They make sincere Duas for Palestine!
They stand in prayers with renewed zeal,
This year’s blood filled Ramadan,
For Gaza is an unbearable ordeal!

“Oh Al Adl; do justice, please, listen!
Have mercy on our oppressed brethren!
Send your help to salvage and finish!
This cold blooded massacre and unfair anguish!”

“HasbunAllahi wa Na’imal wakeel,”
“Nasrun minAllahi wa fathun qareeb!”
Oh Allah, Gaza is dying and crying,
Please, send help to rescue them, Al Mujeeb!

This poem was first published at Hiba Magazine  Blog. 

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