Testing Times!


There are moments of despair that one faces ever too often. These moments can do two things:

They can either bring you closer to Allah Subhanahu wa Taala and as a result of your patience, faith and perseverance, closer to the people around you; or they can make you bitter and drift you apart from your loved ones. The former requires great courage – courage of patience, gratitude and understanding, that the people around you; your family, friends … etc are in the pain with you. Yet the latter requires greater courage – courage of higher level of patience, more gratitude and a deeper understanding of the sentiments of the people around you. However, Shaitaan forces us to surround ourselves with a wall of self-pity and apathy. One becomes negligent to all that is happening around and his own problem seems the biggest at such a time. This bitterness makes the moment of despair that one is passing through even worse. You cannot afford to lose your faith at a time when you are being tested and are expected to show compassion, care and empathy the most.

May Allah Subhanahu wa Tala give us the patience, understanding and perseverance to go through trying times in the state of imaan and understanding, that all that happens to one is only divine decree, and has no human intervention, whatsoever.


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