Silent Speech


My tears speak to me …..
They speak shame, slumber and ignorance
They speak of my dead soul, my negligence
The world is dying, why should I pay heed?
People are starving, what about my needs?

My tears speak to me …..
They speak distress, sorrow and despair
They tell me the number of times I’ve been unfair
I see visuals of my crying ummah but remain silent
I read news of bloodshed as just another incident

My tears speak to me ….
They speak of violence, injustice and fear
They show me my true self like a mirror
Everywhere there’s killing and abduction
I sit laid-back and relaxed, no reaction

My tears speak to me ….
They speak embarrassment, failure and sin
They’re witness to the hypocrisy, I nurture within
Our women are without hijab and men without beard,
“STOP THEM,” my inner voice shouts, remaining unheard

My tears speak to me ….
They speak illiteracy, cowardice and disobedience
They tell me how my life is that of convenience
I see my people free mixing, partying and smoking,
I have no courage to prevent them from wrongdoing

My tears speak to me ….
They speak questions unanswered in a blink,
They wake me up from my slumber and force me to think
What is it that lacks in my learning of Deen?
Am I a believer, a hypocrite, or just a heart unclean?

My tears speak to me ….
They speak rage, anger and frustration,
They take away my peace, and give me agitation
They want no lame excuse, only the real answer,
They want me to tell them, why I fail my Creator?

My tears have a silent speech ….
A speech that only Allah and I could understand
It’s a bond that is very difficult to comprehend
And as the silence of my tears break and they shout,
They shout louder than words, without any doubt

My tears have spoken to me ….
I question myself, and my faith I renew,
I repent and head towards what I must do
I fall in prostration and ask Allah for His Mercy,
I pray for forgiveness and ask Him to guide me

Now my tears speak to my Allah alone….
They speak repentance, forgiveness and remorse
They beg Him to give my speech that effective force,
Which can guide mankind and show them the way,
Which can show light, and save us from going astray

This poem was first published at Muslimaat Magazine.

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