Silent Night



Silent night,
With all its might,
Grabs me tight.

I shout in fright,
For some respite,
But … oh my plight.

No one is near,
Alone I’m here,
To face the fear.

Tears are flowing,
Fright is growing,
In a storm I am rowing

Suddenly, I remember
To call upon my Creator,
Whose help could be greater?

I make a plea,
To help me flee,
This tormenting spree.

There’s no reply,
Though hard I try,
It’s His turn to deny.

As the darkness grows,
And the loneliness shows,
Away hope goes.

I curse myself,
I beg for help,
I try to yell.

Now there’s no use,
Only cries and hues,
And a shameful excuse.

Money drained fast,
Friends didn’t last,
Time quickly passed.

My life was a waste,
Faith I didn’t embrace,
Now I am being chased.

With memories of sins,
My misery just begins,
To shake me from within.

Oh Allah, have mercy,
Oh Allah, forgive me,
Oh Allah, listen to me.

Please send me a guide,
To see just some light,
I’m feeling the fright.

This silent night,
With all its might,
Is gripping me tight.

Please relieve me of this pain,
I no more want worldly gain,
I promise to refrain.

From all that distracts,
Me from the right track,
Will no more fall in the trap.

And as the night ends,
My Allah I befriend,
My soul makes amends.

This silent night,
Now becomes my guide,
Leading me to light.


This poem was first published at Muslimaat Magazine.

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