A Plea


Smiles have changed into pain and fears,
Our plight is worrisome, we shed only tears.

Our joyous instances and triumphant moments,
Have all been replaced by unspeakable violence.

Ease has been replaced by hurt,
Nothing is clear, our vision is blurred.

A bomb attack here and a gunshot there,
Terrorism seems to be spreading, everywhere.

People are losing faith and hope is dying,
There’s bloodshed all around, humanity is crying.

Muslims are being murdered and children subdued,
Oh Allah, when will we be rescued?

Oh Allah, give us patience and enough strength,
To relieve us of the disunity in which we are drenched.

Oh Allah, give us respite from this appalling misery.
The ummah awaits your forgiveness and mercy.

This poem was published first at Muslimaat Magazine.


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