Being Grateful!


A mother often hardens her heart towards her children to guide them and restrain them from going astray. She scolds them and becomes strict with them for their betterment.  She has seen the world more and recognizing its vices she doesn’t want the outside influences to disturb the harmony inside her house. This is her way of protecting her offspring, SubhanAllah.

A child feels angry and frustrated at the strictness of the mother. He fails to see the wisdom and love behind the actions taken by the parent only to be able to stop him from getting into a greater loss, that which could lead to the detstruction of his morality or religious beliefs.

Now think …. No doubt that there is no similitude to Allah’s Love for His servants; however, why does He subhan wa ta’la let us go through trials and tribulations? Tough times and problems? Hurt and ache? He does it only to guide us to eternal bliss through His obedience. He stops us from getting too arrogant and selfish, and so sends timely trials. He doesn’t want us to lose sight of Jannah and stop striving for it, hence the tests of our patience and faith. He wants us to appreciate the bliss of happiness and pleasure of good times, so He shakes us with hurtful moments and pain.

Feel the wisdom, love and guidance of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala in all trying times. Stop comparing and complaining.  Be grateful. Indeed Allah has promised to give more, if one is patient and grateful.

May Allah make us among the Shakireen (grareful) and Sabireen (patient).  Aameen.

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